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Talking about luxury isn't easy, especially in a time and age where a brand new global social and economic consciousness is on the rise. Luxury is no longer synonym of opulence, of being able to "afford what others cannot" but rather, to be able to recognize and aim at that invaluable asset that is our own, personal space. Accessible and reassuring yet unique. We could go on elaborating on this topic for ages and surely we will get back to it in one of the next articles but for now, let's focus on the basics. What is Luxury according to Kami™ ?


Often overlooked, or simply taken for granted, light is possibly the most valuable of the design elements. Both for the important role it plays in creating the contrast between positive and negative spaces it also gives the limelight to those "stars" that really deserve it. Remember, natural light is the most valuable asset in the creation of a welcoming living space.

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Modern living means our lives are marked by a meaningful experiences rather than a mere "to do" list. Something requiring too much maintenance is counterproductive and frustrating long term as it won't allow you to fully enjoy the moment. For this reason, functionality and comfort are pivotal for the best design of any interior. We recommend between the 70%-80% of the hard surfaces in your home to be selected accordingly this basic principle. What would that translate into? High-end and low maintenance stoneware, i.e. porcelain tiles, of which we have an elite selection of the best among the best.


When it comes to decor, quality over quantity is the new motto. Luxurious interiors will have fewer decorative items with more personality. Statement art objects or feature walls are a must and, to display them in all their glory, the rest of the space is left clear of distracting accessories. Moreover, focusing only on a few details to achieve your personal touch is far easier and, in the long run, economically more efficient than going through overall makeovers every few years. Between 20-30% of the surfaces in your home should be picked accordingly. We've got plenty of options here too: cement encaustic and marble/cement terrazzo tiles, handmade terracotta, natural stone and decorative wallpaper. Lots to choose from to suit your style and budget

" ..focusing only on a few details to achieve your personal touch is far easier and, in the long run, economically more efficient.."


After decades of polished interiors completely done in one style we’re finally starting to see more eclectic spaces combining all kinds of contrasting shapes, colours, and textures. For instance, you should not hesitate to mix various Boho or Coastal elements with Mid-Century Modern or Classic features at the condition all elements are product of authentic craftmanship. In fact, the use of artisanal pieces and natural materials, including wood, rattan, tapestries, stone, ceramics, will not only make your home glamourous but first and foremost timeless.

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