Terms of the Service 

Samples are only available for tiles and basins (colours).

We are unable to deliver Samples Packs (any sort of parcel) to PO BOX addresses. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, please make sure you provide either a residential or business address attended by someone who can actually sign off the delivery.

Some product may not be available as “sample” depending on the actual availability or due to the nature of that specific product.

Samples are meant to provide customers with a general preview of the touch and feel of the product. The natural tone variation of tiles is vast and it is strictly dependent on each production batch, for this reason, customers must refer to the specific photo gallery of each product for this purpose. 

For qualified and registered designers only, that may seek to collect multiple samples of the same tiles for multiple projects or to check colour variation as such, please get in touch providing full details of your business and, if applicable, your project's. A "Premium Partners Program" is in place for qualified and registered specifiers only among which other benefits these free samples service. Get in touch at  (size and shape may vary depending on the specific product selected).

  • Tiles: approx. 100x100 mm

Our samples pack formula –  it’s the most practical and convenient way to get it started. In fact, what could at a first glance look like just a marketing gimmick it's indeed a necessary step to your full satisfaction. Despite tile samples only provide a partial feel of a material, colour and finish and aren't fully representative of the actual product, it's still the most effective way to get to know what to expect by that specific pattern, colour, texture that caught your eye.

For this reason, we warmly encourage ALL CUSTOMERS to rely on this useful service in order to avoid disappointment and unwanted stress.

Good news is that it doesn't necessarily have to be a pain as it only requires to follow these 4 easy steps.

How to...

Simply browse through any of our product categories and hit the “buy sample” till your sample cart it’s full. Proceed to checkout selecting among the payment methods available.

You’ll (almost instantly) receive a confirmation via email from KAMI of your samples pack purchase and other info about the shipment and lead time. Along with this info, you’ll be sent a unique redeemable discount code, it is valid for 6 months starting from this moment. Save that for later to be used at the check-out of your actual purchase order. Now sit back and relax till the courier delivers your parcel, it won’t take long (usually 3-4 days).

Here you go, Australia Post has finally dropped off your sample pack. You’ll find all samples have been labelled with name and variant - as per what they’re named on our website. You may now want to share with your design consultant or simply talk it over with your loved ones during a family dinner. Take your time, feel the vibes, enjoy the process.

You've made up your mind and ready to perfect your order. Please, consider stock availability, restrictions, delays in freight or any other contingency that may affect the lead time. Plan in advance, be proactive and make sure your order is performed within a reasonable time window prior to the day of your construction. If unsure how to manage this time frame ask your builder or contractor to get in touch with us.

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