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What does it mean being a first time home owner or having to renovate nowadays and, especially, in an ever-increasingly globalized post-pandemic world?

Let’s be honest for a moment here. No one saw this coming till a couple of years ago, well maybe someone did but that’s a different story. Decade-old habits usually required shop-hopping on the search of the best deal or repeatedly visiting the nearest building supplies store, either the big retail chains or small family-owned ones, following the word-of-mouth of family members and friends.

Nothing wrong with that.

Who doesn't like to indulge in places where one's imagination can break loose, perhaps assisted by relatable staff trained to help your vision to come into reality?... as long as you didn't get stuck into the endless loop of subjectivity, comparisons, indecision, and timing!

But that's not all. We also add to the fact that probably, having the building and home decor industry has gone through massive changes in the last 10 to 15 years, traditional retail channels have proved to have only relatively kept up the pace? An inevitable slump in variety, uniqueness of their range and overall quality just to start with.

In fact, it didn't take long for Aussie families (and the industry operators as specifiers and builders) to start selecting tiles and coverings purely basing on pricing due to the fact that products flooding the market were for the most part imported and pretty much average with the only variable of a gradual but relentless worsening in their quality.

This doesn't just apply to Asian products but to European ones too, as the supplying chain has inevitably carried over a sort of "delaying effect" in what the local market could offer to the nonetheless increasingly aware and demanding Aussie consumers.

Everything has been going on quite steadily and unchanged for quite a while by now, perpetuating the wrong assumption that things "..have to be done the same way they've always been".

Fortunately or unfortunately, circumstances (i.e. covid-normal) have required the whole world to re-considered and re-think the way many industries and businesses are run eventually, coming up with alternative models and workflow perhaps which are more "in touch" with what new technologies are actually capable of.

First of all, let's put our Aussie families and the standards we deserve at the centre of all this and let's start considering the Australian way of life as a value rather than a consequence of mere geographical circumstances.

In this context Kami™ sets its first steps, proposing ourselves as contributors and promoters of an "user-centered" improved retail experience.

Kami™ is a lifestyle brand.

We supply luxury home surfaces while offering at the same time comprehensive tools for DIY customers to easily find their way through the selection of their preferred finishes.

By following the news on this Magazine (blog pages) we'll get you to know more about us, our vision, the people that contribute to it and foremost all about the premium products specifically sourced and developed for you.

We hope you'll honour us with your support on this journey by following our steps and finally helping the Kami™ brand evolve into what is committed to being, a "staple" in all Australian families.

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We can’t wait to see your home shaped or revamped exactly the way you like thanks to Kami™!

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