General Terms & Conditions

  • If manufacturing defects or damage have occurred during transit, we will gladly exchange or replace them.
  • All claims must be notified to hello@kamihomeskins.com within 48hrs of the delivery being made.
  • Include detailed photos that are required for insurance proposes.
  • It is the responsibility of the tiler under the management of the builder and/or homeowner to check tiles before laying them.
  • Tiles are quoted in their nominal (approximate) size only. As an industry-standard, their actual size can vary from +/- 2 mm (machine made products) up to +/- 3-5 mm (handmade products)
  • We can’t guarantee two different tiles will line up perfectly despite both tiles showing a nominal size for e.g.: 600x600 mm. In fact, each manufacturer/factory have different sizing standards.
  • Our warranty covers all our products, protecting customers against manufacturing defects.
  • The duration of the warranty depends on the life cycle of each specific product category.
  • Kami™ Home Skins guarantee replacement or repair of those products that fail to hold the performances promised.

Note | We will not accept claims for replacement, repair or reimbursement due to defects, wrong size, shade variation, incorrect delivery or any other fault once tiles/other once they’ve been laid or installed. For this reason, carefully check upon delivery following the Delivery Check Procedure.

Product Warranty



Stoneware tiles & mosaic (porcelain)


Stoneware tiles & mosaic (ceramics)


Natural stone tiles & mosaic (travertine, limestone, marble)


Cement tiles & mosaic (encaustic, terrazzo)


Clay-Terracotta tiles & mosaic (glazed, unglazed)


Basins (Natural Stone)





Breach of Warranty Terms

  • Any warranty claim is rejected for those products which performances and purpose have been misunderstood, misused and/or not properly observed.
  • The product warranty is void if the customer fails to perform proper Installation and/or maintenance.